Equitation Team Challenge Rules

1. The Equitation Team Challenge will run 6 monthly.

2. The Equitation Team Challenge is to be judged on the position of the rider, correctness and effectiveness of the aids. Riders are expected to keep their horses in a rhythm and balance throughout and show accuracy in their performance.

3. Four riders will make up a team, the same team must compete together throughout the season. Riders can represent more than one team.

4. All team members will ride the same test each month.

5. All team members results will be added together and an overall score produced, this will be the team score.

6. The highest team score will be the winner each month.

7. Points will be awarded to each team.

8. 1=10 points, 2=9 points, 3=8 points, 4=7 points, 5=6 points ,6=5 points, 7=4 points, 8=3 points, 9=2 points, 10=1 point. 

9. Monthly team scores will appear on the leaderboard, the team with the highest score in December will be the overall winner.

10. Rosettes to all team members to tenth place each month.

11. Teams can be from riding schools, livery yards, colleges or just a group of friends.

12. The level of the test will progress each month offering further rider development.

13. Feedback from judges will also be available.

14. Tests to be ridden in a snaffle bridle.

15. Test to be ridden in an area of 20mx40m

16. Please refer to Global Showing Rules for turnout.