Global Showing Rules

General Rules

1. Global Showing is open to riders of any age and level.

2. Children 16 or under need parental permission before they compete. Global Showing will not be held responsible for matters arising between parents/guardians of children under 16 who have not gained permission prior to submitting their entry and video.

3. Entries to Global Showing will not be accepted unless accompanied by the correct entry fee.

4. If videos submitted are unsuitable for judging, the competitor will receive feedback on how to improve their technique for the next competition. Entry fee cannot be refunded, but free entry into the following months class will be made available.

5. Global Showing have the right to refuse any entry if they feel that the material is unsuitable and not in line with the rules governing the competition.

6. Global Showing requests that all competitors complete the registration form in full, this includes the Breed Society registration number if competing in pure breed classes.

7. All horses must hold a valid equine passport in the name of the legal owner.

8. Prize money is stated in the schedule. To receive prize money each class must have 7 entrants before prize money can be awarded.

9. The judges decision is final. Global Showing will not enter into any discussion concerning the judging or outcome of any of the scheduled classes.

10. By entering Global Showing classes all competitors are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these rules and must agree to abide by them.

11. Any video entries that are received after the class deadline will be rejected and no refund will be given.

12. The rider does not need to wear show attire, however, must be wearing suitable riding clothing and

have a smart and tidy appearance.

13. Correct riding footwear must be worn.

14. Correctly secured Skull Caps/Riding Hats that meet current Safety Standards must be worn by all riders.

15. Handlers of horses/ponies in In Hand classes aged 14 years and under must wear a correctly secured skull cap/riding hat that meets current safety standards.

Horse and Rider Competition Rules

1. Global Showing expects its competitors to be truthful and honest regarding information relating to themselves and their horses when submitting entries.

2. All ridden animals must be 4 years or over. The age of the animal shall be calculated from the 1st January in the year of its birth.

3. No ridden pony to be shown on a leading rein except those entered in Leading Rein classes.

4. All ponies in Leading Rein classes must be shown in a snaffle. The leading rein must be attached to the noseband only, and the reins must go directly from the bit to the riders hands. The only attachments to the saddle allowed are a crupper, or handle. Reins must not be attached to the handle or the saddle. The reins must be a normal length and not knotted or stitched together at a shorter length.

5. Leaders in Lead Rein classes must be 16 years or older.

6. Side reins, draw reins, grass reins are not permitted.

7. Manes must be plaited in Show Pony and Show Hunter classes. Tails plaited, pulled or full.

8. No Spurs to be worn in any ridden pony classes, or any Equitation/Pony Club,Riding Club or Family Horse classes.

9. When entering pure bred classes (M/M) ponies must be registered with their respective Breed Societies, NPS, Ponies (UK), The Showing Register or BSPS. Number and Society to be recorded on Global Showing Registration Form.

10. Mountain and Moorland are to be shown unplaited and trimmed according to individual Breed Society Rules.

11. A snaffle bridle must be worn in all Equitation, Pony Club, Riding Club, Family Horse/Pony classes.

12. In order to compete in ex-racehorse classes, your horse must have raced in the UK, Ireland and/ or Northern Ireland, or have been put into training with the British Horseracing Authority. Entries that do not fit these requirements will be disqualified and no monies to be refunded.

13. In order to compete in the Veteran Horse Classes your horse must be aged 15 years or over at the time of competing.

14. Flash and drop nosebands are to be discouraged in ridden classes.

15. Foreign breeds are classified as those breeds originating outside of the British Isles.

16. No earrings, piercings or visible jewellery should be worn.

17. Horses and ponies must not wear boots or bandages.

18. Global Showing reserves the right to add to, amend or change these rules at any time.