Global Showing Rules

1. The judges decision is final. Global Showing will not enter into any discussion concerning the judging or outcome of any of the scheduled classes. This is a fun show and unless otherwise stated is not associated with any breed or showing society rules.

2. All rights are reserved by Global Showing to amend the schedule, prizes, prize money, judges, rosettes, sponsors and entry fees

3. Entry fees must be submitted prior to the closing date of the competition. Unpaid entries will not go forward for judging.

4. Children 16 or under need parental permission before they compete. Global Showing will not be held responsible for matters arising between parents/guardians of children under 16 who have not gained permission prior to submitting their entry and video.

5. All entrants must have the permission of the horse/pets owner to enter.

6. All professional photographs must have the photographers permission to be used in competition.

6(A) All entries are accepted conditional on the above rules being adhered to and in good faith.

7. Global Showing have the right to refuse any entry if they feel that the material is unsuitable and not in line with the rules governing the competition.

8. Global Showing recommends that appropriate safety equipment such as correctly fitted riding hat meeting up to date safety standards and appropriate footwear should be worn at all times.

9.The rider does not need to wear show attire, however, must be wearing suitable riding clothing and have a smart and tidy appearance.

10.International entries are most welcome, an additional fee will be charged for posting rosettes based on weight and the difference between UK post will be charged for.

11. If you have recently changed your address, please change on your profile and notify us by email that a change has been made. This applies also to entering by social media platforms.

12. Global Showing is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to rosettes in transit. All rosettes are posted with a proof of posting certificate. Tracking can be arranged at an additional cost on request.

13. If videos submitted are unsuitable for judging, the competitor will receive feedback on how to improve their technique for the next competition. Entry fee cannot be refunded, but free entry into the following months class will be made available.

14. Prize money is stated in the schedule. To receive prize money each class must have 7 entrants before prize money can be awarded.

15. In Global Showing dressage and equitation classes you may ride in everyday clothes and tack, there are no restrictions to the type of bit permitted and we do allow bitless bridles to be used. Whips and spurs are allowed.

16 You do not need the use of a school, the riding area should be marked out at 20mx40m and contain the appropriate letters for accurate judging.

17 All dressage test entries will receive correct dressage score sheets with marks and feedback in the post once judging is completed.

18. In order to compete in Veteran Horse Classes your horse must be aged 15 years or over.

19. Foreign breeds are classified as those breeds originating outside of the British Isles.

20. Please make sure you have sought the permission of all the people appearing in a photo or video before entering the competition.

21. For your points to count in the accumulator you must enter four shows out of the six in the Accumulator period

22. By entering Global Showing classes all competitors are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these rules and must agree to abide by them.