My Horse My Hero (May)


"Free" Bonus Class

A free to enter class if you have entered a minimum of 2 classes on the current months schedule. We are asking you to tell us why your horse is your hero in no more than 200 words. Your entry will be emailed to us along with a photo. This class will run monthly and the winner will receive a large luxurious rosette, there will be no placings in this class and no points awarded towards the accumulator. This does not qualify you for the supreme championship. The entries will close on the same day as the show.
You can use your story more than once for those that did not win.
We are looking for dedicators for this class, you may dedicate this class to your own hero and the rosette will have your name and horses name printed on it. Plus, you may judge the class if you wish. There is a small cost for the dedication to cover the rosette print. Please message me for further details. All stories will be posted on the website and social media. Email stories to titled My Horse My Hero.

My Horse My Hero

Caroline Lamb & Sparks
I have owned sparks for 27 years. He has been through so much with me. He’s helped me through fall outs, break ups, depression moving to college I took him with me I just couldn’t leave him behind he’s my rock, my mums illness and passing. He’s been there for me to chat to and a neck to cry on. But the main reason he is my hero is he taught me how to ride and to ride properly he’s a quirky pony with lots of character and we have had so much fun together we have made so many memories that I will never forget he’s made my childhood amazing taught me how to love to care to respect a beautiful creature. He suffers from many allergies which has been challenging and also Cushings which he was diagnosed with 2 years ago he went downhill so fast I retired him and I really thought I was going to lose my best friend. But no I didn’t he came back stronger than ever. I brought him back into work in September last year and he has taught my son how to ride and they have an incredible bond. He’s also made a 15 year olds dream come true to compete at arena uk. They qualified with the veteran horse society as a supreme finalist at the championships in October last year. He is now jumping and and is living his best life. He’s loved by many and gets away with far too much. Not only is he my hero and Jack my sons hero he’s Abby’s too ❤️




Julie Morgil & Kahlua