My Horse My hero (February Entries)


My Horse My Hero Entry 1

Emma Jane Hurley & Thornton
This is my absolute world my best friend and life saver, after I had a horrible accident I ended up with ptsd depression and anxiety something I've never had to deal with before. I agreed to go and see him as a 3 year old ex racehorse with no hope of finding a connection with him. On first stroke of his nose he seemed to know how much I needed him as much as he needed me. Hes been the reason I've managed to get out of bed some mornings the reason I've learnt how to deal with my mental illness and the reason I smile. He neigh his head off as I drive onto the yard and whinny until I give him his morning kiss. I honestly don't know what I'd be without him. Thank you to my world I can find a reason to smile because of you 😍



My Horse My Hero Entry 2
Katrina Hockley
My Horse Nylon is my hero
When I was at my lowest after loosing my heart horse Bear I didn't think it was possible to find another like him that could make me feel as special as he made me feel.
Shortly after loosing Bear I was diagnosed with a disorder called CVS which causes severe cluster migraines among many other symptoms, I felt hopeless with no place or thing to keep my mental state sound anymore until I found a horse listed on an online auction as a straight OTTB.
There was just something about her that I needed so I made the rash decision to bid on her.
When she walked off the trailer I knew exactly in that moment that she was a gift from God, and call it crazy but she over time has healed me physically and mentally even though my doctor would say the medication was what put me in remission, I believe Nylon was the one that saved me.
So when I think of how my horse is my hero I think of how she has endlessly help me through good and bad times and how very special our connection really is.
My Horse My Hero Entry 3
Kirsty Cyprus & Charlie
“Our eyes met and it was instant love at first sight “

That was nearly 2 years ago ..I wasn’t looking for another horse and certainly not a cob lol ..I was on a livery yard and this pony just caught my eye and I knew he was to be mine ..he looked scruffy unloved ...and totally adorable 🥰 so I said I like him and they just well said.. why on earth did I want that( little did they know the potential and amazing ness of this pony age 22) they then gave him to me I put him in with my mare and instant love there too that’s how it started little did I know this pony would turn my life around and be my ultimate soulmate ..I took to the clippers and within a few weeks our first show ..I loved how we went in blind he trusted me then ..after falling in the show ring (embarrassed fell over my own feet ) lol I knew he was awesome ..I’ve never laughed and won so much with him ..I mean dancing with a cob at dressage and winning as well at championships ..
I’ve achieved life long dreams and created the ultimate memories ..he’s cheeky he’s old but he is one in a million we fit together like one !! We have met some incredible people too friends for life and he’s has quite a fan club ❤️❤️little did we know how much we needed each other so he is my hero ❤️I’ve struggled through Covid and had many family stresses but his face and comfort has got me through the most dark times too ❤️he needed love and I needed to be loved and have my childhood pony at the age of 44 🥰 our bond is amazing and I never ever want him to leave me ever ❤️


My Horse My Hero Entry 4

Nicole Jones & Beauty

In 2018 I had many losses in such a short time. I lost two of my beloved dogs Harley and Jake within 2 months of each other. My mom and I decided to send them to heaven so they can run free at Rainbow bridge. The end of July my biggest loss of my life happened. My dad passed away after a long battle with cancer. I didn’t feel happiness or joy. I went into a deep depression over the next few months over all the loss. After struggling with depression, the following year my family brought a new horse home in July on the same day as my dad’s birthday. I knew it was a sign. Beauty has been a companion and hero to me, she helped me cope with my depression and helped me heal. I love that it’s always an adventure with her no matter what we do. Because of her I learned to ride and started to live life. She’s so patient with me and is there when I need her. She’s truly one of the best horses and I couldn’t imagine life without my hero. She saved me from the darkness.