My Horse My Hero (July)


"Free" Bonus Class

A free to enter class if you have entered a minimum of 2 classes on the current months schedule. We are asking you to tell us why your horse is your hero in no more than 200 words. Your entry will be emailed to us along with a photo. This class will run monthly and the winner will receive a large luxurious rosette, there will be no placings in this class and no points awarded towards the accumulator. This does not qualify you for the supreme championship. The entries will close on the same day as the show.
You can use your story more than once for those that did not win.
We are looking for dedicators for this class, you may dedicate this class to your own hero and the rosette will have your name and horses name printed on it. Plus, you may judge the class if you wish. There is a small cost for the dedication to cover the rosette print. Please message me for further details. All stories will be posted on the website and social media. Email stories to titled My Horse My Hero.

My name is Billy Jo Howe and this is Spirit

I have been riding spirit a flea bitten grey called Spirit at Urchinwood Manor for a few years
Over this period, I have been through some difficult times which have struggled with
Spirit has been there for me every step of the way and he really understands my autism etc. me and Spirit have loads of adventures together Spirit has always been there for me. Spirit always makes me smile and makes me laugh too and are the best of friends. We really enjoy doing things together Spirit is one of a kind of horse I owe so much to Spirit we both enjoy each other's company.
this month achieved a goal by going into a huge puddle in trot i was really proud myself and Spirit.


Lexee Chamberlain - My Horse My Hero Entry

This is Cinnamon, I met her when I was 17. She was a green broke grade mare who had a bad reputation of being stubborn and bucking while being schooled. I met her during one of the lowest points of my life - I had just gotten out of an emotionally abusive relationship and my self confidence had been shattered because of it. But Cinnamon gave me a purpose to get out of bed every morning, and even though we didn't get along at first, soon we came to understand each other. Her bad habits slowly began to disappear, and my life became brighter and brighter each day. Soon we were riding bareback and hacking out in the fields alone, just enjoying each other's company. She was one of my best friends.
Even though Cinnamon is no longer with me(we lost her last year), I'm so grateful for the time we had together. She helped me regain my confidence and I miss her every day. She was my hero.


Maisie Webb & Moonshine

8 years ago I lost my best friend. My horse. It was so sudden and he was only 13 and it completely shattered my world. I couldn't face having another horse or even being around them for a long time afterwards and there has been a hole in my heart ever since. Until I bought my beautiful 4 year old moonshine 3 months ago. Already the bond we have has given me back the joy that I lost for 8 years. He's still just a baby but he has never hesitated to do a thing i have asked. He's the most gentle and loving boy and after only 3 months together I now could not be without him. He is everything I thought I'd never find again. He has brought back my own confidence and my love for horses and has given all his love and trust to me unconditionally as I have given mine to him. He truly is 1 in a million and I can't believe that I found him. I feel blessed to call him mine. He is my hero.



Sarah Gorka & Vinnie

Vinnie .. is one hero, he hasn't had the best of owners before and was mistreated he and my 2 kids with additional needs have clicked and helps them come out of their shell like we are helping learn to trust again.. only been with us 2 months 


Julie Morgil & Kahlua