My Horse My Hero (March)


"Free" Bonus Class

A free to enter class if you have entered a minimum of 2 classes on the current months schedule. We are asking you to tell us why your horse is your hero in no more than 200 words. Your entry will be emailed to us along with a photo. This class will run monthly and the winner will receive a large luxurious rosette, there will be no placings in this class and no points awarded towards the accumulator. This does not qualify you for the supreme championship. The entries will close on the same day as the show.
You can use your story more than once for those that did not win.
We are looking for dedicators for this class, you may dedicate this class to your own hero and the rosette will have your name and horses name printed on it. Plus, you may judge the class if you wish. There is a small cost for the dedication to cover the rosette print. Please message me for further details. All stories will be posted on the website and social media. Email stories to titled My Horse My Hero.
Nicole Jones & Beauty

In 2018 I had many losses in such a short time. I lost two of my beloved dogs Harley and Jake within 2 months of each other. My mom and I decided to send them to heaven so they can run free at Rainbow bridge. The end of July my biggest loss of my life happened. My dad passed away after a long battle with cancer. I didn’t feel happiness or joy. I went into a deep depression over the next few months over all the loss. After struggling with depression, the following year my family brought a new horse home in July on the same day as my dad’s birthday. I knew it was a sign. Beauty has been a companion and hero to me, she helped me cope with my depression and helped me heal. I love that it’s always an adventure with her no matter what we do. Because of her I learned to ride and started to live life. She’s so patient with me and is there when I need her. She’s truly one of the best horses and I couldn’t imagine life without my hero. She saved me from the darkness.




Olivia Jefferies & Skye
Before Skye came into my life, I felt entirely alone and unable to cope. Although I was 21, it felt like my life was over, I could not see a way out of the darkness. Skye showed me the way out.
Skye is my light, my inspiration and my saviour. For the past 10 years I have suffered from severe mental health problems, spending the majority of my adolescence in hospital. I wish I could say Skye came into my life and I recovered overnight, that is not how it happened. Everyday continues to be a battle in my own mind, but everyday I go out to her and she will stand by my side, whether I am well or not. She lets me know that I cannot give up, life may be hard and painful but there are things worth fighting for. The amount of love, courage and strength Skye gives me, makes me awestruck everyday. I am forever thankful I have been allowed to take part in this wonderful horses life.
When I hold that lead rope in my hand, I am not leading her and she is not leading me, we are walking as one.


Kirsty Cyprus & Charlie
“Our eyes met and it was instant love at first sight “

That was nearly 2 years ago ..I wasn’t looking for another horse and certainly not a cob lol ..I was on a livery yard and this pony just caught my eye and I knew he was to be mine ..he looked scruffy unloved ...and totally adorable 🥰 so I said I like him and they just well said.. why on earth did I want that( little did they know the potential and amazing ness of this pony age 22) they then gave him to me I put him in with my mare and instant love there too that’s how it started little did I know this pony would turn my life around and be my ultimate soulmate ..I took to the clippers and within a few weeks our first show ..I loved how we went in blind he trusted me then ..after falling in the show ring (embarrassed fell over my own feet ) lol I knew he was awesome ..I’ve never laughed and won so much with him ..I mean dancing with a cob at dressage and winning as well
As championships ..
I’ve achieved life long dreams and created the ultimate memories ..he’s cheeky he’s old but he is one in a million we fit together like one !! We have met some incredible people too friends for life and he’s has quite a fan club ❤️❤️little did we know how much we needed each other so he is my hero ❤️I’ve struggled through Covid and had major family stresses but his face and comfort has got me through the most dark times too ❤️he needed love and I needed to be loved and have my childhood pony at the age of 44 🥰 our bond is amazing and I never ever want him to leave me ever ❤️


Billy Jo Howe & Spirit
My name is Billy Jo Howe and this is Spirit
I have been riding spirit a flea bitten grey called spirit at Urchin Wood Manor for a few years. Over this period, I have been through some difficult times which have struggled with. Spirit has been there for me every step of the way and he really understands my autism etc. me and spirit have loads of adventures together spirit has always been there for me. spirit always makes me smile and makes me laugh too me and are the best of friends we really enjoy doing things together, Spirit is a one of kind of horse I owe so much to spirit we both enjoy each other company.


Macy Johnson & Chloe
Most of my life I have suffered with mental health, an ongoing battle with my own mind but Chloe showed me the way out of the darkness.
She gives me purpose and the love I need as I do the same back. Her little face lights up my life and she helps me to be courageous and strong even on my bad days. We are companions through life and without her I don’t think I would have been able to be as happy as I am now. She is my everything.I am who I am now because of her.
She understands my every emotion like having a conjoined twin, whatever I feel she feels. I have never really been an outgoing, social butterfly. But Chloe makes up for a friendship and bond I have missed most my life. She will always be my hero and much more 💕