My Horse My Hero (November)


"Free" Bonus Class

A free to enter class if you have entered a minimum of 2 classes on the current months schedule. We are asking you to tell us why your horse is your hero in no more than 200 words. Your entry will be emailed to us along with a photo. This class will run monthly and the winner will receive a large luxurious rosette, there will be no placings in this class and no points awarded towards the accumulator. This does not qualify you for the supreme championship. The entries will close on the same day as the show.
You can use your story more than once for those that did not win.
We are looking for dedicators for this class, you may dedicate this class to your own hero and the rosette will have your name and horses name printed on it. Plus, you may judge the class if you wish. There is a small cost for the dedication to cover the rosette print. Please message me for further details. All stories will be posted on the website and social media. Email stories to titled My Horse My Hero.


Amaya-Rae Staley - SD Big Bonna

This is my hero of 2021, unfortunately in 2020 I lost my mum in 2020. Buying Bonny with her inheritance. She was my little saviour and she is my final piece of my mum. We haven’t been long together however we have bonded like glue. She’s a perfect pony I could ask for at 5 years old taking me around shows in her stride. However, in July 2021 we picked up a lameness and she’s had surgery we are now preparing to stay ridden again.




 My Horse My Hero
My name is Billy Jo Howe and this is Spirit
I have been riding Spirit a flea bitten grey at Urchin Wood Manor for a few years. Over this period, I have been through some difficult times which have struggled with.
Spirit has been there for me every step of the way and he really understands my autism etc. me and Spirit have loads of adventures together Spirit has always been there for me. Spirit always makes me smile and makes me laugh too and are the best of friends. We really enjoy doing things together Spirit is one of a kind of horse I owe so much to Spirit we both enjoy each other's company.
This month was a very difficult for me for various reasons but Spirit helped me through it all
Which I am really grateful to Spirit



My Horse My Hero
Jo Marsden & Arthen Cardi
This is Arthen Cardi aka Boy, I bought him as nervous badly handled 5 year old who had five homes in five years. He was scared of everything and quite a handful at times, but there was never any malice in him. He was the sweetest, kindest boy you could ever wish for. Gradually he gained trust with much patience and love and turned into the most fantastic little horse, 23 years we spent together he was my rock through thick and thin, my soul mate, my liberty and trick partner, my best friend. Sadly a week ago I lost him age 27, my life will never be the same again... but he will always be my hero.
My horse My hero
This is Tia and Scarlett
Tia has mental health and some physical disabilities, diagnosed at 4yrs. She was told her outcome long term may not be good. Tia is in pain most days with hyper mobility, EDS and Scoliosis but smiles even on a bad day. Lockdown was very hard for Tia and this increased her mental health issues and it unfortunately lead to self harm.
She has spent a lot of time with friends horses and even had a loan but begged me daily for one of her own. On the 6th of august this year, I caved and I got her a fur baby of her own. Scarlett is only 2 but is so calm and relaxed, nothing fazes her, thoroughbred opposite lol. Tia spends all of her time with Scarlett and Scarlett is always there no matter what Tia's mood. She really is her hero and the best part is no more self harm ❤️
Thank you for reading
On behalf of Tia and Scarlett kemp