My Horse My Hero (October)


"Free" Bonus Class

A free to enter class if you have entered a minimum of 2 classes on the current months schedule. We are asking you to tell us why your horse is your hero in no more than 200 words. Your entry will be emailed to us along with a photo. This class will run monthly and the winner will receive a large luxurious rosette, there will be no placings in this class and no points awarded towards the accumulator. This does not qualify you for the supreme championship. The entries will close on the same day as the show.
You can use your story more than once for those that did not win.
We are looking for dedicators for this class, you may dedicate this class to your own hero and the rosette will have your name and horses name printed on it. Plus, you may judge the class if you wish. There is a small cost for the dedication to cover the rosette print. Please message me for further details. All stories will be posted on the website and social media. Email stories to titled My Horse My Hero.


Amaya-Rae Staley - SD Big Bonna

This is SD big Bonna. My 5 year old SD Traditional Cob. She’s saved me an awful lot after my mum lost the battle to cancer last year in 2020. I believe this mare truly has a piece of her in her. She’s currently got an ongoing injury which she will have surgery for. This girlie is worth her weight in gold and I mean that by literally she’s heavy!




My name is Billy Jo Howe and this is Spirit

I have been riding a flea bitten grey called Spirit at Urchinwood Manor for a few years.
Over this period, I have been through some difficult times which I have struggled with.
Spirit has been there for me every step of the way and he really understands my autism etc. me and Spirit have loads of adventures together, Spirit has always been there for me. Spirit always makes me smile and makes me laugh too and we are the best of friends. We really enjoy doing things together Spirit is a one of a kind of horse I owe so much to spirit we both enjoy each other's company.
This month I achieved a goal by going into a huge puddle in trot I was really proud myself and Spirit.


My Horse My Hero

Behind Blue Eyes
Taylor Hedrick
Where do I even begin. Behind Blue Eyes was a gift from my trainer at the time. I had no idea I was about to receive a horse. I walked in for my weekly lesson and as I bring her out there is a horse trailer backed into the arena. I still had no idea what was happening.
Before my trainer had her she was a therapeutic horse. She really took care of her. She had no control over her muscles but Mariah didn’t blink an eye. She even jumped Mariah. I kept her at the barn and made it to district horse show with her. When I finally took her to my nanas with another horse I road her all over the 35 acres that she had. Mariah always had more go than whoa. There was times where I couldn’t see because the trees were so low, I layed on her neck gave her her head and she took me where I needed to go. She was always a super star and always did her best. Even if she was hurting she would never show it. So one day I lost my job and couldn’t keep her any more. So she went back to my trainer. I still could go see her and ride her when I wanted. I would go and free lunge her and give her a bath etc. I trusted this horse literally with my life. I have photos of her ground tied with me laying under her on my stomach. I was able to put my sister who was like 4 at the time on her and walk her around. She was the best all around horse. Didn’t matter what obstacles you put in front of her it was always “hold on mom, I got this”.
So the day came that I dreaded my entire life. My trainer called me and said Taylor Mariah went down in the barn. The vet is on his way, I think it’s time. I was now bawling my eyes out and I was at my best friends house two hours away. It was down pouring and storming and flooding everywhere. My best friend told me I shouldn’t drive with you crying like that you are a mess. I said to her I’m going with or without you. She said I will take you. At times we had to pull over because we couldn’t see in the rain. We got there and my trainer met me in the drive way and she told me it doesn’t look good she won’t get up. As I walked in the barn I yelled her name. I opened the gate and she perked up and looked at me. I layed there with her for a bit then I said let’s try to get her up now that I am here. So we tried to get her up but there was just no fight left in her eyes. So the vet showed up and he said it was best to let her go. I layed in the mud on her and just bawled my eyes out. I dreaded this day since the first day I saw her. The vet said tell me when you are ready. Trying to talk through my tears I said just do it. End her suffering. I layed on her till she took her last breath and then even after.
She was the light of my life. I felt like my life had ended. I couldn’t believe what just happened. She took care of me all her life. Then it was time for me to take care of her. She had always been my hero. It was finally time for me to be hers.