2020 Horse Agility Update

By: Sue Winstanley | Posted on: 23 January 2020

Horse Agility is a fast exciting way to have fun with your horse without riding him.

Welcome to the world of Horse Agility...

We are always on the look out to develop our schedule and offer new classes which are educational, fun and inclusive to everyone. As with all our classes you can still enjoy your horses even though you may not get out to shows or ride your horses for one reason or another, Global Showing - The Online Horse Show makes it possible for you to enjoy the competition from the secure surroundings of home. 

Having teamed up with The Horse Agility Club (www.thehorseagilityclub.com) in 2019, we are delighted to carry on this relationship into 2020 and continue to offer this popular class on our schedule.

Founder Vanessa Bee continues to personally design the course and provide instructions for setting it up every month, however, there will be a few more challenges for our regulars starting in February. If you are a newcomer don't worry, it will be very simple for you. Vanessa will also be judging the class and will be providing constructive feedback to all competitors.

Why not set the course up at your yard and invite your friends to take part, could be a great opportunity to have fun with your horses, make new friends, try something new or alternatively set the course up at home and give it a go. Remember video your round and enter the class from the www.globalshowing.co.uk/schedule. Global Showing offers a small prize to the class winner (if there is one outright winner) every month plus awarding rosettes to 8th place. The big plus is getting some great feedback from Vanessa and then you are ready for the next competition.

Due to the popularity of this class in 2019, Horse Agility will have its own Accumulator in 2020. It will run annually (depending on numbers) from January - December. Points will be awarded 1st -10 points, 2nd - 9 points, 3rd - 8 points, 4th - 7 points,               5th - 6 points, 6th - 5 points, 7th - 4 points, 8th - 3 points. At the end of the year the competitor with the highest amount of points will be the Champion and receive a Championship Rosette and Sash, plus a Reserve Champion Rosette and Sash and Championship Rosettes to 8th place.

In the event of equal points at the end of the competition the deciding factor will be the number of 1sts and then 2nds achieved in the accumulator period.

What you need to do:

1. Build your course from the plan (available from us via email sue@globalshowing.co.uk) There is a new plan every month.

2. Film yourself using a phone, tablet or video camera.

3. Enter via the Global Showing Website - either upload your video direct or through a YouTube link

4. Wait for results (website/Facebook)  and your rosette and feedback will be posted to you.

Entries £5.00 per class 

Have fun and most of all enjoy!