Behind The Scenes at Team Jigsaw

By: Sue Winstanley | Posted on: 30 November 2018

Global Showing will be making a donation to Jigsaw MEPT this Christmas, read their story...

Mawdesley Equine and People Trust (Jigsaw)

Registered charity number 1113726

Mission Statement - Providing quality care for horses, people and the environment.

Jigsaw is situated in Lancashire, England and is based on a twenty acre site which has been developed over the last eighteen years by Sue and Tim Carr with the Jigsaw Team, a dedicated group of people and of course the Jigsaw herd of eight horses, who include horses who came to the charity to have a home for life, some having been so damaged both physically and emotionally, that even after careful rehabilitation would have found rehoming difficult, some who have been loaned to help with the equine assisted learning and therapy for people which takes place at Jigsaw and a very special livery called Topaz.
The site has been developed from a twenty acre field of cow pasture to a horse and people friendly place with an area for some horses to run as a herd, for horses with special needs there are post and rail fields of various sizes and several tracks to access the fields and act as foraging areas. There are also two surfaced areas where horses can engage with people in a calm and relaxing way.
In order to create a safe place financially for the Jigsaw horses and as Jigsaw is not grant funded we have created several income streams. These include our fabulous mechanical horse "Bob" who helps all sorts of people with riding skills, fitness and confidence in a safe, friendly and fun environment. A rug washing service, an eBay shop and our very special, bespoke, equine assisted learning and therapy sessions, open to the community and specialising with people on the autistic spectrum.
We would like to thank Global Showing for running competitions which allow us to show case our special Jigsaw horses and for running a class to raise funds for them and at the same time giving us a world stage to tell our story.
Contact details
Telephone - Yard 01704 822821
Mobile 07831 114458
Email -