Dressage Class Attracts New Sponsorship

By: Sue Winstanley | Posted on: 10 July 2017


Dressage Series

Global Showing runs a monthly online dressage class with the aim to help build rider confidence and develop skills at home. This may be in preparation for an upcoming competition or for those who want to compete but can't get out for many reasons. Whatever the reason we will provide professional feedback via score sheets to help you achieve your goals. Plus, you will also receive a lovely rosette.

Having met Tina Marriott for coffee at her elegant Equestrian and Country Store (www.equiemonline.co.uk) she was very enthusiastic about this idea and keen that we should develop this class as much as possible. Meeting people everyday at the store she understands that not everyone can get out to compete. Equiemporium will now sponsor six classes starting from July and running through to December and will provide a very smart pair of "Montar" riding gloves to each class winner. The gloves are premium type of riding glove and designed to keep your hands well protected, they provide grip without feeling to bulky on the reins. Ideal for schooling and smart for competition.

There will also be some lovely rosettes for our line up and points given towards our December Accumulator Class. With the summer in front of us, it's time to get out there and have a go.

A big thank you to Equiemporium for the support and please do take a look at their website, it's worth it and checkout the Facebook page.

How The Dressage Series Works

Each month we will run a dressage class in Ring 3. Tests will be British Dressage tests as follows:

July - Introductory B

August - Introductory C

September  - Introductory A

October - P2

November - P7

December - P12

Anyone can enter - Juniors - Seniors  including riding school clients. We will also split the class entries permitting. Please email me for a Test Sheet if you do not have one.

Introductory Tests are suitable for beginners whether rider or horse and can be ridden on or off  the lead rein. There is no canter work in these tests.

Preliminary Tests are aimed at those riders progressing from Introductory Tests and ready to include a canter.

Please video your test from C.

If you don't have access to an arena you can measure an area in your field and make some markers to attach to buckets. The size of arena should be 20m x 40m

Have fun everyone.