Everyone Loves A Competition

By: Sue Winstanley | Posted on: 31 May 2017

Global Showing is not just about horses, there are the dog lovers too, and this generally links us to our beautiful countryside. Within our new schedule we want to see your lovely dogs and we want you to get more involved with the countryside around where you live walk or ride.

The Online Dog Show

We are going to trial this ring over a couple of months to see if there is enough interest. Classes will be open to all types of dogs and all you need to do is enter an appropriate photo. If interest grows we can become more adventurous and add a video dog agility class to the schedule. There will be rosettes and prize money in each class, to win prize money we follow the same rules as in the horse classes, there needs to be seven or more entries in each class. We will also run a ring champion and award a special luxury rosette to the overall winner.  An accumulator will also become available and our judges will be experienced and knowledgeable people. Please check our schedule and I hope you will support us. We will also give news updates regarding the dog show on our social media pages


Countryside Watch and Countryside Diary

New photo and video class

These classes have been popular with individuals and schools and we would really like to get more people involved in this idea.  We have added a video class alongside the photo class and aim to run these classes monthly. The countryside changes every day and we look forward to see what your photos and videos show us of our beautiful countryside and wildlife. You can create your own video or photo story. These can be made up of photos, numerous clips, slide shows or a continuous film. There are so many apps available that includes text and music. Go on, have a go.


New Rings

We have created five main rings, each ring has an extra class for a ring champion. There is a further class included for all ring champions to compete to become the Supreme Champion of the show. The lucky person will receive a luxury rosette. Once numbers grow further we can include a reserve champion in the future. Hope you will like this idea.


Class Sponsors

As always if you are interested in becoming a class sponsor please get in touch. Details for sponsorship and benefits are found on the website https://www.globalshowing.co.uk/about/become-a-global-showing-the-online-horse-show-sponsor/

For further information please contact sue@globalshowing.co.uk