Global Showing - Just Dogs

By: Sue Winstanley | Posted on: 09 June 2017


After a growing interest in our monthly equine competitions we are pleased to announce that we are trialling an online competition "Just Dogs." 
Global Showing is a fun way to show off your canine friends and win rosettes, prizes or prize money. 


We have included an additional ring to our equine schedule - Ring 5 "Just Dogs".  This ring will feature 3 photo classes as follows:

Most Handsome Dog

Prettiest Bitch

Golden Oldie (8yrs plus)

Photo Classes cost £3.50.  Rosettes to 7th place. There has to be 7 entries in each class for prize money to be awarded. Rosettes will be posted out to you.

The winner from each class will go through to the ring championship free of charge. The winner of this class will receive the ring championship rosette.

The type of class will change each month and if interest grows we will include a video ring with an agility class. As with our equine schedule we have judges who are professionally qualified. The same will apply for all dog classes, professional and knowledgeable people will judge your class.

Accumulator Competition:

If we have sufficient interest we will run an accumulator competition were all entrants will receive points dependant on their placings in each class entered. The top 2 highest point scorers will win a championship rosette and sash at the end of the season. Points awarded as follows: 1st =10 points, 2nd=9points, 3rd=8points, 4th-7points, 5th=6points, 6th=5points, 7th=4points, 8th=3points, 9th=2points, 10th=1point

Check out our Facebook page "Like" as updates for "Just Dogs" will be posted. 

How do you enter:

There are different ways to enter as follows;

Register via our website (fill in details as per dog) this will also generate a newsletter. Click on schedule - follow instructions to enter your class and upload your photo.

You can email your entry to and post a cheque, bank transfer or I will invoice and payment can be made via Paypal (pay as guest if you don't have an account)

Entries can come through private message with full details of name, class you wish to enter.

All payments must be made and cleared by the closing date of the competition.


If you are interested in sponsoring a class please get in touch. We would ask sponsors to pay for rosettes and a small prize. Approximately £25.00.