How To Display Horse Show Ribbons

By: Sue Winstanley | Posted on: 11 July 2018

American blogger and Global Showing competitor Lisa Goodwin shows us how ...

How To Display Horse Show Ribbons

What Do You Do With All Those Ribbons?

 I have been participating in online horse shows for a year now. And I have accumulated a lot of ribbons. Each one means something special to me. And although I did not ‘win’ them for a test that I competed in on my horse, I still placed in a class, and received an award for it. Some are hung up on a wall, added others to a frame, and still I have a lot left over.

I have been coming up with different ways to incorporate my love of everything equestrian into my home decor, and all of these ribbons are awesome for decorating! You can sprinkle ribbons around a room, or just hang them up. But I found a unique way to display them and add a little sparkle to a vignette display.

How To Display Horse Show Ribbons

If you have a candle cage or lantern, a glue gun, and 4 ribbons, you can make this display. It will take you about 5 minutes for this DIY project and it not only adds an element of interest, it will also allow you to view your most treasured ribbons.

It is simple, really. This is probably one of the easiest and quickest decorator items you can make.

Simply take a candle cage and determine where you want the ribbons to go.

Grab your glue gun, and attach the ribbons to the candle cage.

Fluff the tails of the ribbons.

Determine where you want the cage of ribbons to go.

And then admire your work!

Easy Equestrian Home Decor

This is a simple project that you can display your ribbons and add a pop of color to your room. Or, if you wanted to make a special homemade gift for your favorite equestrian, this would be a wonderful gift. You can use ribbons they have won, or if you don’t have any ribbons you can buy them from eBay. People sell them on there all the time.

If you like the ribbons that I am working with here, you can enter the monthly online horse show at The Online Horse Show, and enter a few of the classes they offer. They are affordable, and FUN!

So if you want to earn your own ribbons, but aren’t able to go to a live horse show, you could always enter an online horse show. But I must warn you, entering online horse shows can be addicting!

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