"Just Kids" Prize Time

By: Sue Winstanley | Posted on: 28 July 2018

Another great prize for our "Just Kids" League, kindly sponsored by www.equiemonline.co.uk

The "Just Kids" League re-starts July with another great prize from sponsors www.equiemonline.co.uk.

This class is for children 12 years and under, to enter we would like to see photos of your children doing what they enjoy most with their ponies or donkeys. Photos may show ponies being ridden, led, groomed or just being loved. You may submit a single photo or a ready made collage showing us the love they share.

This league will run from July through to September and the competitor with the highest amount of points in September will win the grooming brushes. This is in addition to the class prize money.

Points awarded:

1st - 10 points

2nd - 9 Points

3rd - 8 Points

4th - 7 Points

5th - 6 Points

6th - 5 Points

7th - 4 Points

8th - 3 Points

9th - 2 Points

10th -1 Point

We would like to thank "Equiemporium" from Southport for sponsoring this class and providing the lovely grooming brushes as a prize to the overall winner. Please do take a look at their website and Facebook page and give them a like.



The June winner Ryder Tolcher pictured below looking very happy with the Pink Unicorn