The Global Showing Accumulators July - December 2019

By: Sue Winstanley | Posted on: 23 July 2019

Start collecting your points from the July show.

The Global Showing Accumulator Competition

2019 Equestrian Showing Accumulator

2019 Pet Show Accumulator

Global Showing runs a bi-annual points accumulator competition: January - June and July - December giving you more opportunity to win medals sashes and luxury rosettes.

The Global Showing Accumulators are points based bi-annual competitions. Points are awarded each month from every class on the schedule as listed below. There are two accumulators, one specifically for the equestrian showing and the pet show also has its own accumulator.

The top ten highest points scorers in each six month period January - June and July - December will each win a stunning rosette and medal. The overall champion and reserve will receive the rosette, gold or silver engraved boxed medals and sashes. Third place will also receive a bronze medal.

Accumulator points are awarded to the entrant, and not to individual horses/pets. Points are updated after each show and displayed on the Global Showing website and the Facebook page

Equestrian Showing and Pet Show Points Awarded:

1st Place - 10 Points

2nd Place - 9 Points

3rd Place - 8 Points

4th Place - 7 Points

5th Place - 6 Points

6th Place - 5 Points

7th Place - 4 Points

8th Place - 3 Points

9th Place - 2 Points

10th Place - 1 Point

In the event of equal points at the end of the competition the deciding factor will be the number of 1st and then 2nds achieved in the accumulator period.

Please make sure that your entries are entered using the same name each month to ensure points are accurately calculated.