Video Showing Classes Online...Interested?

By: postmaster | Posted on: 17 January 2019

Have more fun online with our new video showing classes...


New Season at Global Showing

From January 2019 Global Showing will be offering video showing classes to all competitors.

The long term goal is to develop a Video Showing Ring and I would love to offer a separate Championship each month, however, this will be dependent on how many of you are interested and enter on a regular basis. This would mean two Supreme Championships at each show splitting the video and photo entries up.

The January Schedule has a starter Inhand video class, this is open to all types of equine and may be videoed in a field, arena or indoor school, show attire is not required, just present yourself and equine smartly for your video. If anyone is interested in taking part but needs help, please get in touch.

If sufficient interest, the video showing ring will develop to include a variety of inhand and ridden classes each month, plus usual fun video classes such as "Meet My Horse" to add some fun to the videos.

The showing videos will be a continuous video, whereas the fun videos can be numerous clips put together or a selection of photos blended together. There are numerous easy to use apps available to assist in making this type of video, so should not be to difficult.

Global Showing "Show Judges" will also provide feedback to help you improve your show.


I would really appreciate your views, ideas or suggestions on the following points

1. Would you enter a video showing class on a regular basis.

2. Let me know of the type of classes that you would be interested in.

3. Technical issues - taking the video or video load up

Please mail or comment on this post


Need Help With Your January Entry:

The Inhand Show

Watch video

You will include:

1. Halt at start and end of show - video to show horse from front, both sides and from behind.

2. Walk away in straight line and walk back in straight line -video horse walking straight away from and back to camera

3. Repeat above in trot. On the trot back, continue trot to right for a few strides allowing video to capture horse moving around corner. This is easy to see on video attached.

How will my video be judged?

This class will be judged on manners and way of going, plus conformation, type, suitability and freedom of action. All feedback will be constructive to help you develop your show. 

How to enter my video

Your video can be taken on a phone, tablet or video camera and uploaded to the Global Showing Website direct on entry. Alternatively, you can upload onto your own Youtube account and enter the link on entry at Global Showing. We also can take entries via messenger and email if required.

The cost of this class will be £5.00. Rosettes will be awarded to 10th place with a prize or prize money to winner.

Further information please contact