August 2016 Class Results

Class 1 Best Riding School Horse or Pony (photograph)
1st   Willow Farm Riding School   


Class 2 Fancy Dress (Olympic Themed)


1st     Sue Carr    

2nd    Sue Carr 

3rd     Lucy Ellis 

4th     Justine Bell 

5th     Nina Jones 

6th     Julie Norris   


Class 3 Riding School Walk Trot Equitation


1st      Erin Whitaker Chocs   


Class 5 Riding School Walk Trot Canter


1st      Georgia Taylor  

2nd     Kaleb Russell  

3rd      Olivia Lonsdale   

4th      Annie Whaites   


Class 11 Best Rescue Horse (photograph)


1st      Sue Carr 
2nd     Jacky Hull 


Class 14 Coloureds Ridden


1st       Justine Howe

2nd      Jill Beck

3rd       Nina Freeman

4th       Ben Jones

5th       Anna Newman

6th       John Gregson



Class 15 Coloureds In Hand


1st       Sue Carr Vienna

2nd      Justine Rowe 

3rd         Sally Hanson Billy




 Class 17 Side Saddle or Astride Costume Concours d’ Elegance Photograph


1st          Saffron Loasby Black Jack

2nd         Nina Jones

3rd          Bev Jones

4th          Haidee Knight

5th       Elsee Hughes


Class 19 Horse of a Lifetime (photograph)


1st       Sue Carr Vienna

2nd      Jill Moore Jasper

3rd       Lucy Moore Thomas


Class 23 Young Handler


1st         Jodie Nicholls

2nd        Hannah Kiddey

3rd         Becks Jackson

4th         Liam Mason



Class 25 Pairs, Quadrille and Drill Ride (video)


1st      Willow Farm Riding School (summer camp musical ride)