December 2016 Results

Class 22 Celebrating Christmas With Your Horse

1st Kayleigh Hayes - Cloudy

2nd Beth Wadsworth - Cheshire Rosco

3rd Hannah Kiddey - Brynseion Auremus

4th Jodie Nicholls - Archie

5th Becky Oglesby - Billy Boy Blue

Class 23 Best Dressed Horse At Christmas

1st Jodie Nicholls - Dolly

2nd Ariella Harvie - Billy Boy Blue

3rd Maz Edwards - Woody

4th Beth Wadsworth - Cheshmere Rosco

5th Hannah Kiddey - Brynseion Auremus

6th Rachel Mackenzie - Casey

7th Becky Oglesby - Billy Boy Blue

Class 20 Rescue Horse or Pony

1st Jodie Nicholls - Reeves

Class 21 Best Veteran

1st Rachel Mackenzie - Casey

Class 19 Fancy Dress

1st Ariella Harvie - Billy Boy Blue

Class 25 Christmas At The Yard

1st Kayleigh Hayes


Class 24 Yard Dog

1st Jodie Nicholls

2nd Hannah Kiddey -  Annie

Class 16 Walk Trot Equitation

1st Grace Arnold - Cloudy

2nd Sarah Green - Flash

3rd Jenny Green - Alfie

Class 15 Coloureds In Hand

1st Mari Bell - Patch

2nd Jack Hughes - Mr P.

3rd Helen Frost - Minstral

Class 16 Coloureds Ridden

1st Mel Bond - Colour Coded

2nd Justine Howe - Gino

3rd John Greyson - Free Colour