September 2016 Class Results


Class 1 Fancy Dress (photograph)

1st Becky Oglesby Billy Boy Blue

2nd Joy Coombs Jaky

3rd Ann Walsh Jason

4th Alan Tongue John Boy


Class 2 My Horse of a Lifetime

1st Becky Oglesby Billy Boy Blue

2nd Jodie Nicholls Dolly

3rd Ann Walsh Jason

4th Bethany Wilson Amber



Class 4 Best Veteran

1st Beth Wadsworth Cheshmere Roscoe

2nd Jane Dunn Tilly

3rd Angela Boscombe Princess

4th Jackie Wild Roger



Class 6 Best Selfie with horse

1. Becky Oglesby Billy Boy Blue

2. Kim West Solitair

3. Jess Ross Bramble



Class 9 Riding School Walk Trot Equitation

1st Freya Smith (Willow Farm Riding School) Dylon

2nd Farrah Winter (Willow Farm Riding School) Jeanie



Class 10 Riding School Walk Trot Canter Equitation

1st Katie Lambert (Willow Farm Riding School) Fiddich of Langley



Class 14 Coloureds Ridden

1st Nina Freeman

2nd Justine Howe

3rd Jill Beck

4th John Gregson

5th Helen Frost

6th Cara Wilkinson



Class 15 Coloureds In hand

1st Helen Frost

2nd Julie Rimmer

3rd Zac Hedges

4th Mari Bell

5th Avril Breen



Class 23 Lead Read Equitation

1st Ema-Leigh Greenfield (Harden Grange Riding School) Harry

2nd Ariella Harvie (Harden Grange Riding School) Billy Boy Blue

3rd Zoe Hartington (Harden Grange Riding School) Crumble



Class 25 Pairs Quadrille and Drill Ride

1st Willow Farm Riding School



Class 26 Young Handler

1st Jodie Nicholls Dolly

2nd Holly White Candy

3rd Julie Little Bay Rose

4th Judith Squires Lady