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Supreme Champion

Reserve Champion

Ring 1 Fun Photo Class

Ring Champion

Class 1 Just Kids

Class 2 Through The Horses Ears

Class 3 Rainbow Bridge Special

Class 4 Perfect Portraits

Class 5 Newcomers

Class 6 Life In Monochrome

Ring 2 Showing, Show Types, Colours and Breeds Photo Class

Ring Champion

Class 8 Condition and Turnout Ridden

Class 9 Condition and Turnout Inhand

Class 10 Foreign Breeds

Class 11 Sports Horse or Pony

Class 12 Best Horse

Class 13 Best Pony

Ring 3 Video Stars

Ring Champion

Class 15 Our Story (Video)

Class 16 Dressage

Ring 4 Riding School League

Ring Champion

Class 18 Walk, Trot Equitation (Video)

Class 19 Riding School Horse or Pony of the month (Photo)

Ring 5 Just Dogs

Ring Champion

Class 21 Pretty Girls

Class 22 Handsome Boys