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Ring 1 Fun Photo Class

Ring Champion

Class 1 Kids Fun Class

Class 2 Mother's Day Special - Me and my Mum

Class 3 Life In Monochrome

Class 4 Best Calendar Shot - March

Class 5 My Favourite Photo

Class 6 Newcomers

Ring 2 Showing, Show Types, Colours and Breeds Photo Class

Ring Champion

Class 8 Condition and Turnout Ridden Inhand

Class 9 Combined Training

Class 10 Best Equine

Class 11 Mountain and Moorland

Class 12 Youngstock

Class 13 Coloureds Palomino Duns Appaloosas etc

Ring 3 Video

Ring Champion

Class 16 Ridden Showing (Video)

Class 17 In Hand Showing (Video)

Class 18 Equitation Walk Trot (Video)

Ring 4 Pet Show

Class 20 Mothers Day Special - Mum and Me (All Pets)

Class 21 Favourite Walks (dogs)

Class 22 Marvellous Moggie (Cats)

Class 23 Sleeping Beauties (Dogs)

Class 24 All Creatures Great and Small

Class 25 Newcomers (All Pets)