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Ring 1 Fun Photo Class

Ring Champion

Class 1 Kids Fun Class

Class 2 Santa Hat Modelling (Equine)

Class 3 Favourite Photo of 2020

Class 4 Best Calendar Shot DECEMBER

Class 5 Festive Fun

Class 6 Newcomers

Class 7 Christmas Themed Selfie

Class 8 International Competitor of 2020

Class 9 Best Friends

Ring 2 Showing, Show Types, Colours and Breeds Photo Class

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Class 11 Condition and Turnout

Class 12 Best Open Ridden Horse or Pony

Class 13 Best Open In Hand Horse or Pony

Class 14 Dressage Divas

Class 15 Jumping Stars

Class 16 Combined Training

Class 17 Solid Colours

Class 18 Pretty Mares

Class 19 Handsome Geldings

Ring 3 Video Photo

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Class 21 Starter Dressage (Video)

Class 22 Horse Agility (Video)

Class 23 My Favourite Video

Class 24 In Hand Showing (video)

Class 25 Ridden Showing (video)

Ring 4 Pet Show

Class 27 Festive Fun (All Pets)

Class 28 Santa Hat Models (All Pets)

Class 29 Favourite Photo of 2020 (All Pets)

Class 30 Cats and Kittens at Christmas

Class 31 Winter Walks (Dogs)

Class 32 All Creatures Great and Small

Class 33 Newcomers (All Pets)

Class 34 Pet of the Year